With achievements panning over a few decades in the fitness industry, Peter Lindsay has become a name to be reckoned with as a Fitness Professional.

An aficionado of body building, Peter Lindsay has won numerous Body Building contest with the epitome being of having won Mr. Australia, Mr. Australasia and Mr. Southern Universe titles. Having gained numerous years of experience of working as a fitness instructor in U.S.A, he has also owned and operated two large Fitness Centers in Melbourne.

With an overwhelming thirst of gaining knowledge for various forms of martial art and fitness routines, Peter went on to live in Japan and train under Grand Master Abe Sensei to learn Aikido and the nuances of Japanese culture. He has also trained intensively under Steven Seagal Sensei in Los Angeles.

With such varied accomplishments it was only natural that Peter wanted to share his journey with people from various walks of life. What better way than to put all your life’s work and experiences down in a book. Thus came into being, Zen in the Art of Bodybuilding by Peter Lindsay! Promoted and lauded as a book that changes how you perceive bodybuilding and martial arts, the book has gone to become a success. Grab a copy and get a glimpse into the world of balance in body, spirit and mind!