Sensei, why do we practise the Martial Arts?
Tranquility of the spirit, Peter-san.
Tranquility of the spirit.

What do the winner of the Mr Australia bodybuilding competition, and a humble student at a Japanese aikido dojo have in common?

They're both Peter Lindsay.

From filming a movie with Chuck Norris to taking a Native American spiritual retreat in New Mexico, from training in California to meditating in Osaka, let Peter take you on a journey that melds the worlds of competitive bodybuilding and intensive martial arts training into one seamless whole.

His journey, into the realisation of balance within the self, and being truly in the moment, body and spirit.

An Excerpt from the book....

The Zen Bodybuilder
The Zen bodybuilder in many ways is very much like the ancient samurai of Japan; the same discipline, self control and mind set is applied. Through rigorous training of their outer shell over many years they are able to understand and cultivate their spiritual self, thereby acquiring a sense of true purpose, inner peace and tranquility of spirit. Different tools are used: the Samurai has his sword, the Zen bodybuilder his weights. Both starting out with the same objective – victory – but realise over years of grueling physical activity, through humility, pain and suffering, that victory over oneself is victory enough.

The Samurai practices flower arrangement, calligraphy, and tea ceremony for the purpose of one thing, “mushin”.  Being able to be in the moment, having a mind without judgment, without ego. So too the Zen bodybuilder, with every rep and set in the gym, works towards that moment, that lift, total commitment and purpose, understanding eventually that his true path is to honor and respect all living things, that dignity can only come about by refining and polishing your physical and spiritual self, thereby acquiring proper balance between heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

As the samurai with one cut of the sword is eventually only cutting the evil and demons within himself, so too does the Zen bodybuilder come to understand over the years that the pumping of iron, building of strength and refinement of body, although in different arenas should lead us to the same path: tranquility of the spirit.”