Boot Camp Training is an intensive unapologetic training program that caters to everyone who wants to push the envelope. Peter has customized it according to his various experiences right from his Y.M.C.A days all the way to his visits to the various wrestling arenas in India.

This is how he came upon boot camp training first:
“I discovered Boot Camp training many years ago when I was a member of the Y.M.C.A, although it wasn't called that then. It consisted of a circuit training regime where you would do pushups, climb the rope, do chin-ups and jump over the wooden horse etc. I had never realized then but looking back now all the kids that participated were naturally very strong, and when introduced to the weight room, adapted easily and would be able to lift very heavy weights with no difficulty. When in India I had the pleasure to visit many old wrestling schools where they used similar methods of training, and I have never seen stronger and better built kids in my entire career.”

Peter has customized and adapted his own boot camp training with similar strategies and workout principles that he has experienced over the years along with his own ideas and training methods that he has uncovered during his vigorous training. A quick succession of intensive workouts that are not for the faint hearted but with rewards which are well worth the effort!