Peter's knowledge in the fitness industry spans over a few decades; in that time he has acquired a great sense of the human body and a greater understanding of the human mind. His discipline, mind control and spirituality combined with a strong work ethic enables him to personally work with clients on a one to one basis understanding their needs completely.

As Peter says you cannot get the best out of someone if you first cannot get the best from yourself. Results can only be achieved by one's capacity to push through limitations thereby taking oneself to a higher degree of physical excellence. No matter what your motivation is Peter's understanding of the anatomy and human psyche will enable you to get a better understanding of how your body works to enable you to continue your physical, mental and spiritual journey in a positive manner. Numerous years spent in the Western and Japanese culture has given him greater knowledge in the field of mental discipline and advanced meditation techniques which he employs in his training methods for greater results.

An example of his perspective:
“Having been involved in Martial Arts for the last three decades I came to understand the importance of weight training and resistance work not just for the benefit of improving strength, but also flexibility and focus as well. I found through years of intense weight training that my ability to focus improved dramatically, due to the fact that when I was lifting heavy I had to be entirely in the moment or I could not attempt the lift. I found the heavier the weight the more concentration was applied, as opposed to lifting light because of the fact that the intensity wasn't as great. E.g. breaking a pencil or breaking five bricks.

My training is specialized whether it was for a grappler where we would use more kettlebell techniques from the ground up or a karate practitioner where we would incorporate more standing movements.”

With his unique approach, it was quite natural for Peter Lindsay to diversify and include as many new experiences and fitness approaches as possible in his method of achieving mental and physical fitness.