In this fast moving world, where everyone rushes about, a sect of people is left behind and they are our elderly. With the advancement of age, our elderly gradually turn sluggish and are slowly left behind in the day to day activities. Peter believes in the saying “You Rest, You Rust”. So to beat the slow pull down, he believes in equipping our elderly with weight training and resistance work as bone density deteriorates at a higher speed when aging advances.

Everything right from walking the dog, taking out the trash, or simply pushing yourself up off the couch requires some type of muscular tension. Peter’s training principles involves an intrinsic understanding of balance, which is highly vital for the elderly. Then he goes on to building confidence and then finally moving on to light weight training while standing as it tends to build core strength in a simpler fashion.

To beat the “rust”, it is not simple enough to stay active but it is highly vital to stay active in fashion that enhances and supports you in your advancing years physically, mentally and spiritually!