Martial artist are trained individuals who specialize in their line of martial art form and try to gain the next phase through spiritual and mental balance. Akin to that fact it is highly difficult to mould hardened clay sculpture unlike malleable clay, martial artists are similar in their make as they already have certain ingrained concepts.

Peter empathizes as well ensures that the rough edges are polished and smoothened to round curves just like the sculpture. With his integral weaving of Aikido into his programs, he helps his martial artists perceive their knowledge in a different a manner. Under the tutelage of Grand Master Abe Sensei and Steven Seagal Sensei, Peter has learnt the various nuances of Aikido well enough to impart them to various artists as well.

A very effective self-defence method, which not only offers a different approach to the traditional way martial arts are taught, Aikido introduces a new realm with its non-aggressive principles and non-confrontational manner lead to an attitude of self respect and a harmony with their surroundings.