A connoisseur of Zen and a holistic approach to physical and mental fitness, Peter Lindsay is on a journey to change the way you perceive health and fitness. A former screen actor, Peter has worked with renowned names such as Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Soon after winning the title of Mr. Australia in 1979, Peter successfully owned and managed a gym in Prahran before being invited to Gold's Gym in Los Angeles and learning the Japanese martial art of Aikido in the Steven Seagal Dojo in North Hollywood.

Peter believes in a unique and holistic approach to fitness and didn’t come into this way of thinking abruptly. A chance remark at YMCA center where Peter and a friend visited, catapulted him into a world of fitness at a rare age of fifteen. With the determination and resilience that only youth could provide, Peter slowly but steadily transformed himself both within and without into an enthusiast of holistic mental and physical fitness.

Having won all junior and open Australian bodybuilding titles and becoming the only person ever to receive a perfect score from all 7 judges in the history of Australian bodybuilding, Peter went on to open 3 fitness clubs which are still operational today. He moved to the United States to become the first Australian to work at the famed Gold's gym in Venice California. Meanwhile, he was also in the pursuit his love of acting, studying at the American Theatre of Arts and with the drama coach of M.G.M. Pictures, Zina Provendie. Peter has worked in Movies and Television and has done a range of stunt work with Chuck Norris. Pursuing his love of Martial Arts, Peter also further trained with Steven Seagal before leaving to live in Japan with the Master Seiseki Abe 10th Dan where he was graded III Dan Black Belt.

Shifting from the norm of “shortcut” six packs and instant gratification in the form of a sculpted body though unhealthy methods, Peter is determined to change the perception of fitness through his approach. Utilizing not just the austere environment of gym but as well introducing a potpourri of fitness and conditioning methods such as Judo, Kettle bell training and Aikido etc., Peter has stepped up the standard in the sphere of fitness. With a distinctive and inimitable style and approach, Peter Lindsay is set to revolutionize the world of fitness and conditioning as you know it!

Join him in this journey and transform the way you see the world and the way the world sees you forever!