A stunt is an atypical and difficult physical feat or an act needing a special skill, performed for artistic purposes usually on TV, theatre, or cinema. Before the era of computer generated imagery special effects, these effects were hindered to the utilization of models, false perspectives and other in-camera effects, unless the creator could find someone willing to jump from car to car or hang from the edge of a skyscraper: the stunt performer or stunt double.

Such an adrenaline charged feat requires the right channelization of energy but as well as a controlled performance with an emphasis on safety. Especially, considering that one of the most-frequently used practical stunts is stage combat. Even though contact is normally avoided, many aspects of stage combat, such as sword fighting, martial arts, and acrobatics requires contact between performers to aid the creation of a particular effect, such as noise or physical interaction.

For such a controlled channelization of not just energy but adrenaline as well, one requires the right tutoring and training. Peter with his vast experience as an actor provides his clients with this very aspect. He ensures that they have the right sense of balance and core to complete their task with minimal injury.

He makes every effort to give them a sense of calm that they can call forth even in the more dire of circumstances during the stunt by guiding them and channelizing their energy in a right manner. This comes into play especially during rehearsals. Stunt performances are highly choreographed and may be rigorously rehearsed for hours, days and sometimes weeks before a performance.